Connectioned Indicators · News · Contact · Lift Controllers / Arkel Lift Controllers / ARL With ARL-SARJ card and 2 12V battery additions. – Door bridging. ARL LIFT CONTROLLER USER MANUAL ARKEL ARL 2 Publisher ARKEL Elektrik Elektronik Ticaret Ltd. Şti. ARL admin. April 25, ARKEL. GENERAL FEATURES: Number of stops: 24 stops. Control Type: Simple push button. Driving Type: Two Speed.

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Besides control cards and panels, in ARL system there are ready installation cables that have ends with connectors.

Also, possibility of faulty connections wrkel minimized and connections become more secure electrically. ARL controller comprises many features that have been developed for an elevator controller that works more effective.

The control of the elevator can be shaped only by a few parameter adjustments; no extra card or software al-300 needed. Connections with car and floor units are made easily and quickly by the cables with sockets via CANbus line. HS remote access terminal provides the remote access to control card menu when it connected to CANBus line from any part of the system.

Elevator Products / Control Panels

ARL system has a wide screen lcd and easily used menu. Thus, in a menu in which informative instructions are used instead of abbreviations, parameter settings, elevator monitoring and error tracking can be done easily.

ARL controller uses CANbus serial communication protocol to communicate with car and landing units. In ARL system, there are arkdl inputs and outputs on main board, car units and landing units that can be programmed by the menu. Thus, system can be adjusted for application, changes can be done when required and immediate actions can be atl-300 in case of a malfunction.

ARL controller supports group operation up to 8 elevators without requiring any extra hardware or software. KM 20 KM System Features Compatible with rope and hydraulic elevators up to 48 stops Can work for lifts with speeds up to 2.

Place of Use Car Operating Panel Horizontal Landing Operation Panel Vertical Features x64 pixels resolution Direction arrows Ability to display different graphics for ar-l300 floor Ability to arkwl out of service and overload graphics 2 call push-button inputs Gong output 1 free programmable input 1 free programmable output Control of push-button sound Gong sound rakel Place of Use Car Operating Panel Landing Operation Panel Features 3 pieces of 30 mm 5×7 dot matrix displays Direction arrows Scrolling text feature 2 call push-button inputs Gong output 1 free programmable input 1 free programmable output Settings of direction arrow scrolling direction and speed 4 different direction arrows Settings of text scrolling direction and speed Out of service and overload texts Control of push-button sound Gong sound selection: Aekel sound volume setting Floor settings by 2 buttons and menu CANbus connection socket.

Car Ar,el Panel Landing Operation Panel Floor Indicator Panel Features 2 pieces of 30 mm 5×7 dot matrix displays Direction arrows Scrolling text arksl 2 call push-button inputs Gong output 1 free programmable input 1 free programmable output Settings of direction arrow scrolling direction and speed 4 different direction arrows Settings of text scrolling direction and speed Out of service and overload texts Control of push-button sound Gong sound selection: Place of Use Landing Operation Panel Features 2 call push-button inputs Gong output 1 free programmable input 1 free programmable output Control of push-button sound Gong sound selection: Gong sound volume setting Floor settings by dipswitch CANbus connection socket.

Features Graphic LCD control panel Practical and easy use by 6 button keyboard Instructive menu without abbreviations and codes Information screens that show elevator status Control screens that enable effective control of elevator Detailed error list with date, time and floor number Multiple language option: Allows you to save from magnets and related labor.

Requires only one door zone magnets in each floor for door pre-opening, re-levelling and encoder data correction Easily installed, reliable and problem free digital shaft data system Floor settings within the car Fine-tuning of floor levels in mm for each floor Compatible with Electric VVVF and 2-speed and Hydraulic lifts Ability to work with incremental encoder attached arrkel motor shaft or over-speed regulator Compatible with encoders of different output type and resolution in different working voltages.

Special menus for all programmable inputs and outputs in the system Ability to program every arkfl input and output one by one Several ready made functions to be assigned to inputs and outputs Allowance for a programmable input to directly control a programmable output.

Arkel | ARL Pano

Group communication connection by alr-300 cables Minimum waiting time by optimized group control Group setting by changing only one parameter Option of separating elevators from group and make them work independently Detailed monitoring screen for group operation. Availability of multiple languages in menu: Requires only arl-3000 door zone magnets in each floor for door pre-opening, re-levelling and encoder data correction. Complete System Complete elevator control system with all electronic equipments Saving extra cards provided by its components that work in complete harmony Getting the whole command system from one supplier thereby xrkel time.

Modern Interface Graphic LCD screen, instructive menu without abbreviations and codes Access to menu from any point by hand terminal that is connected via CANbus Log of the errors with date, time and floor number.


Hemolytic anemia due to red cell pyruvate kinase (PK) deficiency is a metabolic disorder characterized by a variable degree of chronic nonspherocytic hemolytic . La deficiencia de piruvato cinasa es una causa rara de anemia hemolítica. Durante el embarazo, se ha tratado casos graves de esta deficiencia con. Anemia Hemolítica no esferocítica (AHCNE) por deficiencia de piruvato quinasa: informe del segundo caso en Costa Rica. Rev. costarric. cienc. méd [online].

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Arch Med Vet 44, Hemolytic anemia caused by hereditary pyruvate kinase deficiency in a West Highland White Terrier dog. Inherited erythrocytic pyruvate kinase PK deficiency is an autosomal anejia hemolytic disorder described in dogs and cats. Pyruvate kinase is one of hemoliica key-regulatory enzymes in the anaerobic glycolytic pathway, and its deficiency causes premature destruction of the ATP-depleted red cells. This case study reports the clinical and laboratory findings in a West Highland White Terrier WHWT dog with a life-long history of weakness and exercise intolerance from Brazil.

The dog was found to have persistently profound pallor, a highly regenerative hemolytic anemia and osteosclerosis. The dog was euthanized at 20 months of age due to the deterioration of its clinical condition including anemia and blood incompatibility. Hereditary red cell defects are important differential diagnoses for chronic hemolytic anemias in younger animals after excluding immune-mediated and infectious causes.

Furthermore, purebred dogs for which DNA tests for hereditary diseases are available should be screened prior to breeding in order to limit the spread of the mutant allele and to avoid future production of PK-deficient animals. The natural occurrence of hereditary blood disorders in animals provides a unique opportunity to study the biochemical and molecular pathogenesis of these diseases and to investigate possible therapeutic options Giger et alSewell et al Several hereditary erythrocytic disorders that cause hemolytic anemia and additional unique features have been described in dogs and cats, including membrane deifciencia and enzyme deficiencies; however, interestingly enough no hemoglobinopathies have been discovered in companion animals.

Enzyme deficiencies may involve: If either pyruvate kinase PK or phosphofructokinase PFKthe two key regulatory enzymes in anaerobic glycolysis, is deficient, erythrocytic ATP production will be impaired and red blood cells RBCs will have a shortened survival. Pyruvate kinase deficiency is the most common erythroenzymopathy in humans, dogs and cats.

In dogs, PK deficiency causes a severe chronic and highly regenerative hemolytic anemia with progressive osteosclerosis, while in cats it is characterized by an intermittent hemolytic anemia without osteosclerosis. This case report describes the clinical course, laboratory alterations, molecular diagnosis, and management of the first PK-deficient Brazilian WHWT dog, suggesting the potential worldwide distribution of this disorder and that it possibly goes by under-diagnosed.

Historically the puppy was weak, has episodes of syncope and constantly showed pale gums on routine clinical examination. A highly regenerative anemia was first documented at 4 months of age, which persisted throughout life.

There was no evidence of blood loss anemia, and fecal examinations for intestinal parasites were negative. Thus, a hemolytic anemia caused by an infection, immune-mediated process or toxicity was considered. In previous clinical visits babesiosis was suspect due to severe anemia and also giardiasis because the puppy had some piruvati of loose and greennish faeces. The dog was treated presumptively with imidocarb dipropionate, doxycycline and iron supplements without clinical or hematological improvement and thus was referred.

On blood smear evaluation anisocytosis, marked polychromasia, and normoblastosis were present.

However, no spherocytes, Heinz bodies, poikilocytes or infectious agents were detected, and the direct Coomb’s test was negative for IgG antibodies on RBCs. A massive reticulocytosis was confirmed on a New Methylene Blue-stained blood smear. Leukopenia and thrombocytopenia was also noted and could be explained by the possible myelofibrosis, common in dogs with this disorder permission for a bone marrow biopsy was not received.

The clinical chemistry profile showed mild hyperbilirubinemia 0. An abdominal ultrasound examination revealed hepatosplenomegaly, and abdominal radiographs indicated mildly increased medullary bone opacity of the ischiatic bone. Hereditary PK deficiency was suspected based upon the breed, early onset, chronic severely regenerative anemia and osteosclerosis. Briefly, DNA was extracted from nucleated cells from a small aliquot of the EDTA blood and specific primers were used to amplify the region surrounding the known mutation in WHWT with a polymerase chain reaction.

The dog reported here was found to have this same mutation thereby confirming PK deficiency. Based upon the clinical signs and anemia a transfusion was deemed necessary. The dog had been previously transfused without blood typing and crossmatching. In order to assure a safe transfusion, compatibility testing was performed.

Its plasma was incompatible against 10 donors in the major crossmatch autocontrols were negativesincluding a “universal donor” only DEA 4 positive and two relatives of the patient figure 2.

Thus, alloantibodies against DEA 1. Due to the severity of clinical signs and anemia, the dog was still transfused with fresh whole blood from the “universal donor” DEA 4 positive only.

Some clinical improvement was observed within a day, but the PCV did not rise. However, the anemia did not improve, and the animal’s overall condition deteriorated to the point where the owners elected euthanasia.

Permission to perform a necropsy was not received. The diagnosis of PK deficiency was suspected in the WHWT described here, because of the breed, young age of anemia, persistence of the highly regenerative anemia and osteosclerosis and was confirmed by a simple DNA mutation test.

Due to the postnatal development of the RBC metabolism, the clinical signs of PK deficiency in dogs are not detected until approximately 4 months of age, as seen in this puppy.

Indeed, many PK-deficient dogs are not diagnosed until one to several years of age, as the animals can often adapt well to the severe chronic anemia.

Affected dogs may be first discovered only because of very pale mucous membranes on routine ce. In this case, PK deficiency was suspected because of persistent exercise intolerance, episodes of syncope, and persistent anemia even after blood transfusions. The illness may also become evident during a crisis triggered by a concurrent illness, such as an infection or toxicity, or stressful situation including strenuous exercise.

The leukopenia and thrombocytopenia in cinasq WHWT described here is not typical of PK deficiency and may indicate a secondary illness affecting the bone marrow. Also, the patient was treated for secondary diseases such as giardiasis and babesiosis, without clinical response. In contrast to PK-deficient dogs in which the anemia is typically first recognized in young animals, PK deficient cats have intermittent anemia and are often not diagnosed until they are of advanced age.

Cats exhibit intermittent lethargy, pale mucous membranes and have intermittently mild to moderately severe anemia which may be complicated by bilirubin bile calculi GigerHarvey et alKohn and FumiVan Geffen et alGiger Because PK deficiency causes a distal metabolic block in the anaerobic glycolytic pathway, the proximal glycolytic metabolites, including 2,3-diphosphoglycerate 2,3-DPGtend to accumulate, while distal metabolites like ATP become depleted in erythrocytes.


The high deficoencia content of 2,3-DPG piruvxto the easy release of oxygen from hemoglobin by the lower hemoglobin-oxygen affinity, which in turn improves oxygen delivery and enhances tissue oxygenation, thereby ameliorating the clinical signs of the severe anemia.

Indeed, this likely explains why most PK-deficient dogs can cope so well, despite a persistently severe anemia Chapman and GigerGiger and NobleGiger For yet unexplained piruvafo, all PK-deficient dogs develop a progressive myelofibrosis and then osteosclerosis, as seen in this case, though PK-deficient cats and humans do not experience osteoclerosis.

However, the increased iron uptake due to hemolytic anemia caused by PK-deficiency is common to all species and can lead to hemosiderosis and eventually hemochromatosis, particularly after patients are transfused large iron source Schaer et al Thus, PK-deficient patients and for that matter any pirugato with hemolytic anemia should not be supplemented with oral or parenteral iron. This was unfortunately done in this case, which emphasizes the importance of classifying the regenerative anemia into hemolytic versus blood loss anemia and reaching a definitive diagnosis.

Many animals with hemolytic anemia are initially misdiagnosed and treated for infectious diseases e.

Deflciencia often do not consider hereditary RBC defects, as they are believed to occur rarely. However, the presentation of chronic, severe, highly regenerative, and Coomb’s negative hemolytic anemia in a young dog which is unresponsive to treatment should raise suspicion.

Moreover, in certain breeds, PK deficiency, just like other hereditary disorders and genetic predispositions to disease, may occur commonly due to the breeding of carrier animals HarveySewell et alGiger While in the past PK-deficiency was diagnosed by erythrocytic enzymatic activity test, assessment of oxygenhemoglobin dissociation curve, and level of intermediates of the glycolytic pathway, such as 2,3-DPG, a definitive diagnosis in this case was established simply with the PCR mutation-specific test.

Unfortunately, no information of the breeder or related dogs was available to further trace hemolitida dog’s ancestors and to identify related potential carrier or affected dogs. Different causative PK mutations have been identified in different breeds such as Basenjis, Beagles, WHWT, while within a breed all affected dogs have the same mutation.

Mutation-specific genetic tests permit the identification of homozygous and carrier dogs. For all the other canine breeds, detailed enzymatic activity tests that include the characterization of the isoenzymes or heat-lability are necessary. In addition, normoblasts are released into the circulation. In the present case, similar values were observed over the entire observation period table 1although the PCV declined at some point to even lower levels.

It should be noted that the fall in PCV observed in the last month of life was associated with a diminished bone marrow response, as shown by both the lower absolute reticulocyte count and reticulocyte production index. As cinzsa was also a decline in platelet and leukocyte counts, a hematopoietic failure for other reasons than PK-deficiency may have been present.

The degree of osteosclerosis was radiographically mild, but the marrow was not histopathologically examined. Dogs with PK deficiency often have normal white blood cell counts.

At the first examination, a leukocytosis may be normal for the young age or could have been associated with another concurrent illness, which may have been corrected by supportive treatment. Usually the dogs that live longer develop severe liver disease with hemosiderosis. In this report, the dog did not show any hepatosplenomegaly, hepatic disease or iron accumulation, but a hepatic biopsy and iron assessment were not carried out.

While PK-deficient cats and humans may also develop bilirubin calculi and gall bladder blockade, this has not been reported in PK-deficient dogs. Radiographs from this WHWT terrier described here revealed only a mildly decreased bone radiopacity of the pelvic bones, probably due to the young age of the animal Chapman and GigerHarvey et alVan Geffen et al No clinically practical specific treatment has yet been established cinzsa PK-deficient animals.

However, experimentally successful bone marrow transplantation from compatible donors has been described in dogs and gene therapy has been attempted. In veterinary clinics, it is more important to recognize PK deficiency in order to avoid excessive diagnostic procedures for the affected dogs and unnecessary or even harmful treatments with medications such as immunosuppressive agents and iron supplementation.

The treatment is mostly supportive and any other illnesses, stress or excessive exercise cinaas be avoided.

Consecuencias de la deficiencia PK en eritrocito by Sofía Herrera on Prezi

Low dose glucocorticosteroid therapy may reduce RBC destruction and thereby ameliorate anemia. The splenomegaly deficiiencia in this case could be explained because the spleen is the major site of RBC destruction, and thus splenectomy may slow the premature elimination of PK-deficient RBCs.

In humans, splenectomy can reduce the degree of hemolysis in some patients, but PK-deficient Basenji dogs did not improve clinically after surgery. Thus, splenectomy may only be considered as a last resort in dogs that are persistently severely anemic or have frequently severe crises and are transfusion dependent. The patient of this report was too debilitated and could not be effectively transfused because of a broad blood incompatibility to prepare the dog edficiencia for this the surgical intervention.

As noted in this case, transient improvements and clinical stabilization can be observed. While the patient was undergoing aneemia, there was apparently slight clinical improvement, but hematological parameters never returned to normal range Weiden et alGiger and NobleGiger Blood transfusions from compatible donors are sometimes priuvato when the anemia becomes most severe and hmolitica PK-deficient animal shows major clinical signs.

Unless a hemolytic crisis develops, transfusions are rarely needed in PK-deficient dogs and cats, as they adapt quite well and can live in good health as house pets, sometimes for years without treatment. In fact, considering the high mortality rate of dogs piiruvato immune-meditated hemolytic anemia, PK deficiency may offer a better prognosis. In the case described here, the dog was severally anemic and symptomatic, and thus had been repeatedly transfused.

Unfortunately, the dog became incompatible even to a “universal donor” and its littermates, and thus must have developed an alloantibody against a yet to be identified common hemolirica cell antigen. While dogs do not generally have any clinically relevant naturally occurring alloantibodies, they can develop antibodies against blood groups and a common red cell antigen following transfusion, as seen in this case. An explanation for this blood incompatibility could be the presence of some other RBC antigen that could not be identified by currently used methods of canine blood typing such as the Dal antigen.

Piruvato quinase

In this case, the patient could be negative for Dal or another antigen. Nevertheless, a transfusion was deemed so desperately needed that blood from a “universal donor” was given.

Fortunately, the dog did not develop a serious reaction, but the PCV did not rise, thus being of questionable value. Indeed, dogs can become sensitized to other RBC antigens than one can test for and thus be incompatible to even the “universal donor” Callan et alBlais et alKessler et al


Loring W. Tu. An Introduction to Manifolds. Second Edition. May 19, Springer. Berlin Heidelberg NewYork. HongKong London. Loring W. Tu. Publisher: Springer Verlag. Publication Date: Number of Pages: Format: Paperback. Series: Universitext. Price: I would recommend John Lee’s trilogy: Introduction to Topological Manifolds; Introduction to Smooth Manifolds; Riemannian Manifolds: An.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again.

Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

An Introduction to Manifolds by Loring W. Tu

Return to Book Page. An Introduction to Manifolds by Loring W. Manifolds, the higher-dimensional analogs of smooth curves and surfaces, are fundamental objects in modern mathematics. Combining aspects of algebra, topology, and analysis, manifolds have also been applied to classical mechanics, general relativity, and quantum field theory.

An Introduction to Manifolds

In this streamlined introduction to the subject, the theory of manifolds is presented lorimg the aim Manifolds, the higher-dimensional analogs of smooth curves and surfaces, are fundamental objects in modern mathematics.

In this streamlined introduction to the subject, the theory of manifolds is presented with the aim of helping the reader achieve a rapid mastery of the essential topics. By the end of the book the reader should be able to compute, at least for tuu spaces, one of the most basic topological invariants of a manifold, its de Rham cohomology.

Along the way, manifoles reader acquires the knowledge and skills necessary for further study of geometry and topology. The requisite point-set topology is included in an appendix of twenty pages; other appendices review facts from real analysis and linear algebra. Hints and solutions are provided to many of the exercises and problems. This work may be used manofolds the text for a one-semester graduate or advanced undergraduate course, as well as by students engaged in self-study.


Published October 1st by Springer first published October 29th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about An Introduction to Manifoldsplease sign up.

Be the first to ask a question about An Introduction to Manifolds. Lists with This Book.

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Download scientific diagram | Radiografia do tórax -Incidência postero anterior: Aumento do índice cardiotorácico. Sem outras alterações. Ebstein en etapa fetal: índice cardiotorácico mayor de , relación foramen oval-septum interauricular menor de , la obstrucción a la vía de salida, grado de. indicado por um índice cardiotorácico acima de 0,50, avaliado por radiografia de tórax em incidências póstero-anterior. (PA) e lateral1. Ela pode ser observada.

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índice cardiotorácico conservado

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índice cardiotorácico en el límite alto de la normalidad

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BS EN 837-1 PDF

It supersedes BS which is withdrawn. The UK BSI Page 3 EN 1 Scope ISO Pipe threads where pressure-tight This. BS EN Pressure gauges. Bourdon tube pressure gauges. Dimensions, metrology, requirements and testing. standard by. Accuracy class. to EN Ranges. 0 bar to 0 bar negative or positive, or negative and positive gauge pressure. Application. Constant load: .

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This European Standard specifies requirements for Bourdon tube indicating pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and combined vacuum and pressure gauges compound gaugeswith circular, spiral or coiled forms, from 40 to bw size, and with ranges up to bar, for the measurement of gauge pressure.

BS EN | Mayil Vahn –

Gauges specified have circular dials with concentric scales for industrial and test use. The standard includes methods of test for performance to be applied at type approval and production piece tests. The standard applies to gauges suitable for industrial use with common industrial fluids.

It also applies to liquid-filled gauges, gauges for high pressure gases and gauges for use with oxygen or acetylene. It does not apply to pressure gauges with electrical contacts.

Pressure gauges for welding, cutting and associated processes are not included in this standard, but are specified in BS EN Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

BS EN 837-1:1998

Search all products by. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories.

You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. Bourdon tube pressure sn. Dimensions, metrology, requirements and testing Status: Click to learn more. Overview Product Details This European Standard specifies requirements for Bourdon tube indicating pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and combined vacuum and pressure gauges compound gaugeswith circular, spiral or coiled forms, from 40 to nominal size, and with ranges up to bar, for the measurement of gauge pressure.

Manometres a tubes de Bourdon.

Dimensions, metrologie, prescriptions et essais Title in German Druckmessgeraete. Your basket is empty. Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. The faster, easier way to work with standards. Customers who bought this product also bought BS EN Dimensions, metrology, requirements and testing BS EN You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips.

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Dn, Messtechnik, Anforderungen und Pruefung.


Canon. FT). INSTRUCTIONS. Canon. 2″Съ. JAPAN. QL. MADE IN. CANON LE. LENS. LENS FO. CANON. English Edition. Canon FTb QL (black) In fact it is very similar to Canon FT with the difference that it uses the Canon FD mount lenses, allowing it to use FD. View and Download Canon FTb instructions manual online. FTb Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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In the modern world of digital cameras using a film camera can seem difficult and overwhelming, but the quality and look that they produce will impress others.

Film photography is also a great hobby that teaches patience and perspective with limited shots and manual adjustments “you slow down and think more about how you should shoot. Canon Cameras Csnon Cameras.


To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 2, times. Understand the top view. This is used so that you can make the object that you are photographing clear. This is used to adjust the amount of light that exposes to the film, this is important to adjust according to your light environment.

This is used to adjust the ASA which is the referred to as film speed, The film speed you choose depends on what film you have to use the manufacturer will note the film speed: This is how you choose how fast your shutter opens then closes. This moves the exposed film out of the way, moving a new piece of unexposed film ready to be used. This will let you know how many frames you have used.

Understand the side view. This is where the battery is held, this use to hold a mercury battery 1. The replacement battery is a 1. Understand the front view. There will be approximately 10 seconds of lag. Understand the back view. Understand the bottom view.

This is a button that you press when you use up all your frames on your roll of film. This socket is used for tripods which are great cannon slow shutter speeds and precision shots.

Know that when the lens is locked this is when fth red dot on the camera and the red dot on the lens are perpendicular. To unlock the lens, turn the bayonet ring to the left until the red dot on the lens lines up with the bayonet dot.

It is now unlocked and can be removed. To put a lens back on, line the two red dots together and turn right on the bayonet ring until the red dots are perpendicular. The Canon FTb is from and the lens mount it uses is an older model than the current modern canon lens cameras.

The type of lens mount is called the Canon FD which was introduced in and used on various canon models until Open the back panel. Pull upwards on the rewind crank to open the back panel so that you can load a new roll of film. Load a new roll of film. Place the film in the cartridge compartment. Follow the diagram that is on the inside of the panel. Close the back panel. Get ready to shoot. When you pressed the film rewind button earlier, the frame counter should have went back to S.

Canon FTb instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Pull the film advance lever and press the shutter release button 3 times. This moves the blank frames and unexposed film so that the camera is ready to take photos. Assess whether you need film or not. When you are not able to pull the film advance lever and you can’t press the shutter release button, that means you need to remove the film and replace it with a new roll. Press the film rewind button. This will reset the frame count and mqnual allow you to wind the film. Raise the film rewind crank.

Flip the rewind crank back into its normal position.

Lomopedia: Canon FTb

Pull upwards on the rewind crank to open the back panel. This will allow you to remove used film. Understand aperture and shutter acnon. Do some research so you understand aperture and shutter speed; these are important concepts to understand while using any manual film camera. Turning the aperture ring counter-clockwise will decrease the amount of light that will be exposed to the film suitable for bright lighting. Turning the ring clockwise will increase the amount of light that will be exposed suitable for mahual lighting.

You can also follow the ring in the viewfinder; up is for brighter environments and down fftb for dimmer environments. Move the focusing ring to the right or left until the subject that you are photographing is clear. Use the light meter. After turning on the Light Meter look through the viewfinder to the right side. The circle represents aperture, and the needle represents shutter speed. Move both the shutter speed and aperture until mankal line up to give you a better idea of what to set your aperture and shutter speed to.

This is due to the change in voltage with the alkaline replacement battery because the original battery ftg a mercury battery. You will hear a click and that will be the shutter opening and closing, exposing the film to what you have your camera focused on. To shoot another photo you must pull the film advance lever to the right and then you are ready to take another photo. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Take a look at the original user manual which if lost can be found online. You should try keeping a journal of what aperture and shutter speed you use for different conditions and record them for each frame so when you get your photos developed, you can see what settings gave you the best results.

This will help you become more intuitive with using your manual camera. Warnings Mercury is hazardous to humans qk be cautious if an original battery is found in the camera or is found with it. You should dispose of these properly.

Shooting with a low shutter speed below 60 especially will result in a blurred image, unless you are using a tripod or the camera is in a fixed position. Is this article up to date? Cookies make wikiHow better.

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Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom,” which is receiving its California premiere at the Odyssey Theatre, is a cross between Eugene. IMPERCEPTIBLE MUTABILITIES IN THE THIRD KINGDOM Chicago Actors Ensemble With the flurry of press lauding her latest work, The. Behind the imposing title ”Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom,” there is the voice of a thoughtful young playwright, Suzan-Lori Parks.

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Suzan-Lori Parks won an Obie Award for this attempt to describe the experience of black Americans through the language of the theater of the absurd.

And in this production at least, it is seldom amusing or emotionally involving. The play consists of four scenes, all of which deal with themes of helplessness and mutabbilities, and one of which is repeated.

Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom

In it, the audience experiences the feelings of confusion and dislocation felt by the characters — newly captured African slaves who are impercrptible shipped off to America. Cast does superb work.

Fay Hauser gives a virtuoso performance in the third scene, convincingly conveying emotions ranging from terror to triumph. This is effective in the slave-ship scene, but otherwise seems superfluous. Director, Peter Brosius; producer, Ron Sossi.

Cynthia Carr on Imperceptible Mutabilities In The Third Kingdom – Artforum International

Opened, reviewed June 19, ; runs through July I’m officially co-producing this show. That’s my next gig!

Winston Duke has had quite a year. Masterson, a native of Houston, [ Political plotting has become a national pastime in Britain.

Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom by Suzan-Lori Parks

Hardly a week goes by without an attempted parliamentary coup. With courtiers circling [ Can old complaints be forgot?

Or should we seek redress, judging the past by present-day standards? You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.

Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom | Theater | Duke University Press

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Meditacion: Como Dejar Atras las Tensiones y el Estres y Alcanzar la paz Interior – eliminar el estres + cd audio – brian weiss – vergara. eliminar el estres + cd. Descargar libro eliminar el estres brian weiss. Entirely there were some programs selling the OEM Engineering CineMaster. One of them was CIFELLI. Drive that. El doctor Brian Weiss muestra cómo superar este flagelo de nuestros días, mejorar la salud mental y física, y encontrar la armonía interior a través de la.

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Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace | Brian L. Weiss, MD

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Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace

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potrzeb Klienta rozwi zania. Dzia alno firmy koncentruje si w nast puj cych obszarach: .. Rozporz dzenie Ministra Gospodarki z dnia roku w sprawie. alno usmerjenost in dru beno vlogo spolov. Chris Dupuis na .. can be viewed at the website: performance/ .. Urednice kataloga/Catalogue edited by: KOLEKTIVA. this catalog. Numatics 5 manifold assemblies configured from this catalog in three business days or Numatics pays Numatics Inc. Numatics® .

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Mnoge terme imajo otroske klube, marsikje je poskrbljeno za individu alno varstvo.

Pdf file is about reshuffling acpc is available in several types of edition. One of their interesting features is the way they sometimes use textures on the kitchen wall.

Since albert nothdurft founded alno as a small joinery in wangen near goeppingen start of kitchen furniture production in pfullendorf alno.

Segmüller Küchen Katalog Awesome Dan Küchen Katalog

Pdf przeslanki odpowiedzialnosci zarzadcy drogi za szkody. Both pedestrians and drivers expects that road administrator remove danger from the road.

Consult alno s entire alno catalogue catalogue on archiexpo. Nalezy ponadto zauwazyc, ze zarowno adwokatow, jak i radcow prawnych obowiazuje w jednakowym zakresie katalob deks etyczny dla prawnikow w unii europejskiej ccbe z dnia 28 pazdziernika 15 r.

Pdf claims of road users against road albo are becoming more and more common. Dobro pocutje po vsej sloveniji wellness programe ponujajo tudi sodobno zasnovani hoteli in centri v vecjih mestih in v turisticnih srediscih.

Alno | Katalog

The td9 sound source delivers powerful, highquality sound that cuts through the densest mixes. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. If you have a limited budget, buying a house isnt exactly an ideal situation for youespecially if you are thinking of getting a loan.

Td9sx 0 9 midline gets a firstclass upgrade for any type of gig, the vtour series enables the nuance of authentic drumming and more. Pozna nowoczesnosc i nasze wielkie narracje, warszawa Alnos kitchens characteristically reflect the german efficiency while being stylish in their design. The file contains 3 pages and is free to view, download or print.

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N a voljo so stilski svetovi avantgarde, modern ktaalog classic, s pomocjo katerih lahko ustvarite vaso individualno kopalnico.

Was im elterlichen wohnhaus begann, sollte bald in aller welt ein zuhause finden. Pdf racjonalna gospodarka rolna na obszarach objetych. Complete variety of doors, additional elements and fittings for all models including handleless versions.

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The company was a merger of two companies producing aircraft engines, rapp motoren werke and gustav flugmaschinefabrik. Dodatkowym celem publikacji bylo przedstawienie roli wybranych podmiotow instytucji, ktore maja bezposredni lub posredni wplyw na. The file contains pages and is free to view, download or print.

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This unwieldy thriller from bestseller Morrell (First Blood) becomes so caught up in its headlong action that it never stops to explore the. Creepers is a horror novel by Canadian writer David Morrell. This is Morrell’s twenty-fourth novel. Plot summary[edit]. This section’s plot summary may be. Scavenger, it’s called, and the sought-after prize has been hidden away by a nutcase who sees unmistakable resemblances between himself.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Scavenger by David Morrell. Scavengfr Balenger, the resolute but damaged hero of Creepersnow finds himself trapped in a nightmarish game of fear and death.

To save himself and the woman he loves, he must play by the rules of a god-like Game Master with an obsession for unearthing the past.

But sometimes the past is buried for a reason. Scavenger is a brilliant, frightening hunter-hunted tale that layers modern technology over the dusty artifacts of earlier times. Hardcoverpages. Published March 13th by Vanguard Press first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Scavengerplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Apr 17, TK rated it it was ok Shelves: I really wanted to like this book. No, I’m not just saying that! I really really really did. It was boring to me.

But it was full of action, you’re saying. When the man revives, the girl has been kidnapped and he is left with a note asking if he would like to play a game where have we heard that one before? But this game isn’t one of survival for the man; it is one that is closely related to video games–think if reality TV and XBOX had a love child.

But by the time I got around to page fifty or so, the story had stalled in too many info dumps and flashbacks. It was one of the worst endings I have ever read. Two stars for some of the innovative scenes, and the beginning: Nov 16, Evans Light rated it it was ok.

I made it to page of of Scavenger before making the executive decision to shut this one down. I think the decision to bill this book as a sequel to Creepers was a poor one.

Completely different type of story, and way too pulpy and unbelievable to continue. Skimmed through to the end and it didn’t seem to improve in the slightest. David Morrell’s characteristic wonderful writing is absent in this book, and seems as though he took a bare-bones plot and tried to patch it up with hundreds of I made it to page of of Scavenger before making the executive decision to shut this one down.

David Morrell’s characteristic wonderful writing is absent in this book, and seems as though he took a bare-bones plot and tried to patch it up with hundreds of boring and barely rewritten factoids pulled from the internet. Comparisons in other reviews have been made to the movie Saw, but I think if you want an example of the best execution of this particular plot, watch the movie CUBE. Aug 03, Mary rated it it was ok Shelves: Several people have been kidnapped and sent on a high tech scavenger hunt for a lost time capsule in the desert of the American West.

This was particularly disappointing since I really enjoyed the author’s Creepers – which features some of the same characters. This story was bogged down by descriptions of the history of time capsules which could have been interesting, had the info been presented Several people have been kidnapped and sent on a high tech scavenger hunt for a lost time capsule in the desert of the American West.

This story was bogged down by descriptions of the history of time capsules which could have been interesting, had the info been presented differently. In addition, some of the details presented about geo-caching and video games seemed stale and outdated, as well as somewhat condescending. Jun 10, Kevin rated it liked it Shelves: Scavenger — David Morrell Scavenger is a quick paced action adventure novel dealing with time capsules and what amounts to be a scavenger hunt in the wilderness.

Those familiar with Morrell’s book Creepers will recognize the two main characters in this book. Although I found this book to move at a quick pace, I also found the story to be a rehash of many novels which have gone before it, I wont waste anyone’s time by naming novels, but the similarities are obvious.

David Morrell does mention the Scavenger — David Morrell Scavenger is a quick paced action adventure novel dealing with time capsules and what amounts to be a scavenger hunt in the wilderness.

David Morrell does mention the Hitchcock idea of creating terror in open spaces, so he does clue the reader in that the idea is not new, and this is his twist on the subject. My main problem with this book is the plausibility of events. If you have a wide open imagination and could care less about reality and how we as humans move through it, then this book may work for you.

I found some of the scenes wildly imaginative and even laughable. I know this book was not meant to be a comedy, but when events unfold so fast and play out so evenly and easily, what is one to do? I chose to laugh. A great combination of action, thrills, and history. If you ever wondered what would happen if someone took video games to the extreme, this is a novel you need to read.

Maybe I was younger then. As I read this book my intended rating swung from 3 to 2 and back to 3 again Again I wish for a half star or 10 star system.

This would get a 2. Let me hasten to say, it’s not that the book is bad. It’s just that it constantly left me apathetic. When away from it I wasn’t looking forward Reading this book I couldn’t believe this was the same man who wrote The Brotherhood of the Rose and The Fraternity of the Stone. When away from it I wasn’t looking forward to getting back to it. I didn’t think of it at all.

I reminded myself to get back to it, just to get through it and move on. I pretty much just didn’t care.

I had it in audio so it could be on when I was doing other things, but it didn’t draw me in, it didn’t involve me.


I know it meant to, Morfell know it should have. Balenger and Amanda have already gone through so much in Creepersand now they fall into the scavenher of another a mad man. It was supposed to pull me in, I was supposed to care about them, but it just left me The plot of this sounds good and the idea is good but for some reason it didn’t work for me.

This and the last Morrell book I read The Shimmer have both been, less than stellar. This one wasn’t as big a disappointment to scavengger as The Shimmer. I begin to wonder if it’s that his writing has changed or if I have. If I go back and read Brotherhood of the Rose will i be disappointed?

SCAVENGER by David Morrell | Kirkus Reviews

Maybe I shouldn’t try. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this book, maybe you’ll like it, I suppose you should see for yourself. The plot get’s going around the Idea of “lost time capsules”. Being manipulated based on past events the two of them are drawn to a location where they are drugged and separated. Amanda is taken to a remote location and placed with a group of others whom the “Game Master” a troubled [read mad or insane] young man has “determined to be survivors.

Frank is left in the city where after a somewhat pointless police involvement he finds he’s supposed to function as “the Game Master’s” avatar. Frank refuses to play by the rules the “survivors” can’t as they are sort of walking bombs and because of copious cameras around the “gaming area” if they don’t play by the rules they get blown up.

We get a search, we get lots of death, blood and destruction. We get a bit of creepy weirdness. We get some inexplicable law enforcement shortsightedness. Balenger is already somewhat under suspicion for Amanda’s disappearance. He’s with the lead detective when the officer is killed, by a falling wheelbarrow. But the police never follow up.

Somehow no alert goes out and he apparently walks away clean. Of course who knows what happened when Frank and Amanda manage to get back to “civilization” leaving all the other survivor members of the game, the Game Master, and his sister dead. As I said I’m supposed to get involved in all this and really care about Frank and Amanda, but I never got involved with them. I suppose I like the book better than I would have had Morrell killed them It’s not bad, scagenger not unreadable, it’s just not a book that drew me in.

Quaranta ore per dcavenger salva la vita o meglio per “vincere” il gioco Scavengerpassando da un livello ad un altro.

Anche i libri dei miei scrittori preferiti sono capsule del tempo, che mi riportano nella Londra nebbiosa di Dickens, o nella vecchia New York di Edith Wharton, o nella Parigi degli anni Venti di Hemingway. Sono opere che mi trasportano non solo nel passato vissuto dai loro autori, ma anche nel mio passato, restituendomi quel che ho sperimentato leggendoli per la prima volta.

Ma alle mie spalle odo continuamente l’alato carro del tempo che si avvicina veloce: Feb 20, William M. As I read the book, it seemed as if author Morrell was a morrwll behind the times, elaborating on video game and computer breakthroughs that are common knowledge to anyone with even the slightest interest in the video game market.